Hands, please!

SLEIGHTSOCCERTM is a brand new sport, taking the most popular game in the world – Soccer, or Football, as others may know it, and adding the ‘Sleight’ of hand.

Why the word ‘sleight’?

‘Sleight’ as in ‘sleight of hand’ – the skill and speed in feats requiring quick and clever movements of the hands, especially for entertainment; clever, expert, ingenious and nimble use of the hands.

Utilizing many, if not most, of the rules of Soccer (Football) and some aspects of American Basketball, European Handball and Australian Rules Football and also a number of other similar world sports. Boys and girls & young men and women & professional players, can participate in this brand new, high-intensity game.

The key separation of this sport versus any other sport in the world, is the dual and fairly evenly balanced combination of the use of both Hands & Feet.

Kicking and kneeing the ball with legs and Feet, heading and then deflecting or catching and then flicking, flinging, tossing and throwing the ball with Hands, is the name of the game!

Yes, Hands, Please!


Well, for a number of reasons, here’s why:

  • Giving America and the World a brand new sport, to both players and spectators alike.
  • Utilizes rules of the games of Soccer (Football) and aspects of Basketball, Handball and ARF as well as other sports – this means that Hands can be used along with Feet – this has never been done before – this will lead to a truly holistic sport.
  • Improved speed and fast pace.
  • Unexpected and quick moves with the hands – hence ‘sleight’ of hand.
  • Potential for a much higher rate of goals being scored, and mostly avoiding a draw.
  • High-quality, exciting entertainment with enhanced spectator value.
  • Improved health and wellness prospects for young and older (holistic exercise and workouts).
  • For boys and girls; men and women.
  • For kids, teens and youth.
  • For novices and professionals.
  • Utilizes existing Soccer (Football) infrastructure (fields /pitches) – massively reduced start-up costs.
  • Not everyone wants to play soccer or basketball or ‘name your sport’ – some would rather use their full set of physical skills. See this Article by Ryan Nickum (June 16, 2014): what is most telling is the Un-enthused soccer States in America. Why? Any number of Search Engine articles reveal that Americans, and presumably other nations, like to use their hands in sports.
  • Traditional world sports and games are changing – they are either waning and /or evolving. See this Article by Tao Tao Holmes (January 13, 2016) on traditional golf waning, but a new sport, FootGolf, starting to emerge. Traditional golf is gradually being replaced worldwide by this new hybrid game or sport, which utilizes existing golf infrastructure.

**Should you have a developmental and/or commercial interest in SLEIGHTSOCCERTM use the Contact Michael page.

APRIL, 2016