For Investors and the Business-minded

  • Think of the endless marketing opportunities that SLEIGHTSOCCERTM offers, not to mention the extreme appeal that it will create amongst the youth worldwide – in a nutshell this is a dream marketing opportunity!
  • The Investor /Business-minded entity /corporation can own all the rights to this concept or ‘invention’. This means they can kick-start the sport; they can include other initiating entities (sporting bodies, leagues, investors, etc.) if they so wish; and they can do all the marketing around it (and even license rights to other manufacturing, retail, distribution and advertising bodies /companies).
  • The Investor /Business-minded entity /corporation has all this available to them: advertising, program developments and production & marketing promotions & opportunities e.g. player & coaching development programs; local /national & international events between countries; licensing agreements and permissions /options (e.g. hosting events and TV rights); franchise prospects; equipment, merchandise and apparel research & development; manufacturing & production; wholesale supply; retail product sales & product distribution networks; toys & games; e-gaming: console-driven games and/or interactive virtual reality gaming; lucrative sponsorships, to mention but a few.